Personal Injury

Personal Injury Imaging Is An Important Tool In Diagnosing Injuries That May Be Going Unnoticed.

The Personal Injury MRI imaging specialists at our facility have extensive knowledge, experience and training in personal injury cases.  The imaging techniques that we provide at our MRI center offer a noninvasive way to diagnose injuries.  MRIs, CAT scans and X-rays are the most common techniques when it comes to diagnosing internal injuries and ailments.

Any injuries that occur within the internal organs are very serious and need to be diagnosed and treated by a medical professional as soon as possible. Symptoms from internal injuries might not be immediately apparent, resulting in patients believing that everything is fine.  However, if left untreated they can result in serious, even life-threatening complications.  This is why it is essential to undergo personal injury imaging to prevent these complications from occurring.

When properly utilized, our imaging techniques can prevent patients from undergoing invasive procedures. Our services are a 100 percent noninvasive alternative to surgical diagnostic methods.  After an injury, it is essential that all of the side effects of that injury are quickly diagnosed and treated without inflicting further damage to the body.  Our personal injury imaging services obviate the need for exploratory surgery and other invasive diagnostic techniques.

When A Personal Injury Occurs, Patients Often Focus On Their External Wounds But Are Unaware That They Might Be Suffering From Internal Injuries As Well.

During your imaging scan, we will be search for any indicators of underlying trauma that are a result of your injury or accident.  Your internal organs and tissues will also be scanned in order to discover any damage they might have acquired.  Our well-trained technicians will then carefully read your results and detect any form of traumatic internal injury.


If your accident is involved in any form of lawsuit or litigation, the scans from our personal injury imaging can be used in the suit by your attorney.  These types of images provide evidence of any pain and suffering you have undergone as a result of the accident.

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